Fields Burning

by Fields Burning

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released February 11, 2015

All compositions, arrangements, and lyrics by Ethan Foote.

Produced by Peter Fox and Ethan Foote.
Recorded and mixed by Peter Fox; additional engineering by Mike Okusami.
Mastered by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions.

Photos by Erik Sharar.

Album credits:

Ethan Foote: Guitars, basses, mandolin on track 2, percussion on tracks 1, 2, 6, and 7, cello on track 7

Wanda Perkins: Vocals

Alan Kayanan: Drums

Neil Brown: Trumpet

Marian McLaughlin: Vocals on track 4

Peter Fox: Organ

invoke is:

Nick Montopoli: Violin

Zach Matteson: Violin

Karl Mitze: Viola

Geoff Manyin: Cello



all rights reserved


Fields Burning Washington, D.C.

Fields Burning is the creation of composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Foote and vocalist Wanda Perkins.

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Track Name: Tigris (No Tomorrow)
Winding white stream that flows ever faster
Runs its course and dissolves in the sea
Filled with all that it's passed on its way

Have you come here in search of an answer
In the hour of your heart's malady?
In the midst of your rending apart?

Walk with me along the way

By the edge of a precipice
So enchanted there with nothingness
The extinguishing sentiments
Let us live without tomorrow

Once I heard that a great chain of Being
Ran from God through the angels to me
Chain unbroken through all of time

Ghostly shapes in the shade by the river
Wan and ghostly the light on the ground
Ghostly all that was once beautiful

But beauty I see as I

Plunge my eyes into the abyss
Never such a tempting sight as it
Dance of death in the sunset
Might as well be no tomorrow

Strong the soul that can pass into silence
Set free at the long river's end
And in silence released from the dream

In that ocean of innocence
All is lost and all forgiven there
Never-ending cadence
For a nature thrown and fallen
Held out into nothingness
With everything before and after us
Closer now, the horizon
And I know there's no tomorrow

No tomorrow
Track Name: Joy's Desire
Under cathedral tower's spire
The joy of my waiting
Joy, my desire

Up from the bridges of despair
A song of devotion climbs the air

Waking, and through my windowpane
A voice full of sadness cries out in vain
Wrapped in the sorrowful sublime
Respite in the time spent standing in the shadow

Of a mountainside
Joy's desire
Stand there broken-hearted

I raised high the blade
But God stayed my hand
In a vision in the desert
In my heart's holy land

I return there again
When in death's lonely throes
To the ground of my beseeching
Where the red flower grows

Oh world without end
As I walk valleys through
With a sorrow everlasting
And a mountain in view

Under cathedral tower's spire
The joy of my waiting's song rising higher

And higher, and hoping love may be
More than a blinding shadow cast forever

By a mountainside
Joy's desires
And their broken-hearted
Track Name: The Light On The Water
To that land, sorrow
In whispers I have known
And heard told of a secret that lies therein
One true release from despair and sin

It fell to me,
Gift in mystery
And I carried it down to the world below
Down in a time when the passions grow

For this world, I yearned
To love me in return
But only a siren can beg and plead
With the light on the water and in the trees

And it moved within
One like a spirit wind
I pictured her as a glimmering stream
That flows from the heart of the endless dream

Come drink at last
This poison in my glass
Once, only once, and forever again
Come take my hand
And through the shifting sands
Walk in this shadow, a world without end

Because hell we froze,
And gates of heaven closed
The Holy, Holy Lord of Hosts
Has dissolved in the mist as a living ghost

So to whither away
As the hours and the days go by
But I can yet be moved
And the sands ever soothe my pride

In that wellspring
Water is wine
Bringing everything to life
In that morning
Bright as the mind
Love is on a wing

But the rose from the ground I could not beseech
The light on the water was out of reach

In this land I roam,
To find the long way home
If you tell me the secret I knew before
All that I ask, and nothing more
Track Name: At The Break Of Day
Void in the hesitant, waning light
Blood of an innocence shed in spite

Beast in the tall grass, biding time
Ghost of the hidden past, bread and wine

In a high church spire
Over the field of fire
In the pale sunshine
At the break of day
Track Name: Maysong
Oh my pride,
White flower so fair
Fair winter of mine
Held in this,
My somber appending
That in ending I might
Be remembering a birdsong in May
Sung from on high

Up above,
The ringing of bells
Into and endless sigh
Snowy veil, befitting a bride
Kindred spirit that I
Wed in the ashes of a long summer's day
Wrung from my eyes

Endlessly does the vastness cry
Where a songbird flown far away
Once so heavenly a love song did sing
Screams in the night

Drawing near
The snow-swirling air
Whence our fates were entwined
Tendrils climb
The frostbitten hands
Held in rapture with mine
Once we would upon awaking rejoice
Now eventide

And our time
And time hereafter
Turn in the raging fire
Burning still
Into the slumber
Under church tower's spire
Dove descending the bright windowpane
Lately inspires

And oh how that vastness cries
Yet so strange a joy still I find
And even as the angel of death
Stands at my side

Cast me white mountainside
For a moment just to stand there in
That clear running stream

When I walked in your garden
When I lay on your shore
When I dwelled in your Eden
Fallen now, fallen evermore
To the world
Down below

Hopes for storming the heavens
Come to naught in the end
But the red rose of bleeding
If so held in the trembling hand
May redeem
Now and again
Track Name: Standing On The Shore
Take me, and be gone
And turn away
Old friend I've remembered
Standing there with nothing more to say

Go, lay to rest
What will never be
As I, once lost in a shadow
Am seeing now with nothing more to see

All that windy day
In the falling snow
All the time caught in the narrows
Between the hour of lead and letting go

All forgiven now
And undone at last
Goodbye, cult of sorrow
And all the dreams of running out the past

Come a time
A summer time
When every little thing
Comes back again
A time

When each of us
Will be standing on the shore

And each of us
Will be standing on the shore

The one in whom
I came to rest
The whole great world of our making
Set off now into space, but I am blessed

Blessed, with much time to
Think of and fight
Love and life everlasting
And ships out on the water in the night
Track Name: White Mountainside
On your wall, a picture of
Sisters on a mountainside
Your hair is long, your face is fond

Mountainside and lonely shore,
Rock that in its shift has left me
A mind on fire, a heart at war

Chase the pretty little ghost through the old dark place
Though I am a ghost myself, you elude me again
And again

And may your star shine brightly
Mountains high